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#HBCUteenth 2024 Freedom Talk: Tomorrow on Youtube

Updated: Jun 19

Rdevia, Inc. Presents #HBCUteenth Freedom Talk

For Immediate Release

Rdevia, Inc., invites you to join us tomorrow for our #HBCUteenth 2024 Freedom Talk. This event will highlight HBCU Graduates who are leading the fight for Education Access, Racial Equity, and Social Justice.

This year's discussion will feature our 2023 #HBCUteenth Freedom Fighters:

  • Jordan Jefferson (Jackson State University), Freedom Fighter in Racial Equity/Social Justice

  • Darian Holt (Alcorn State University), Freedom Fighter in Education Access

The conversation will premiere on Juneteenth (June 19), 2024 at 5:30 PM on Rdevia's YouTube Page:

Discussion topics will include:

  • Important opportunities and resources for HBCU students

  • Engagement with the HBCU community post-graduation

  • The significance of uniting to make a difference

  • Changes needed for equitable access to education

Darian Holt shares his perspective: "Through education, I've been able to educate the next generation about our HBCUs and history along with encouraging them to attend one day. I have also helped shine light on HBCUs from companies such as Taco Bell and Wendy's who have poured into our schools as well. It is important that our youth are educated about HBCUs because they are our future leaders!"

Jordan Jefferson adds, "Freedom is about living in a world that respects and upholds human dignity and potential, and which promotes fairness, justice, and equality for all. It's a pursuit, a goal, an ideal to strive for - personally, communally, and globally."

This year's #HBCUteenth Freedom Talk is proudly sponsored by Naija Grille Spice Mix. Naija Grille was born out of Raphael Uduhiri’s (Owner and Creator) "love for grilling and the desire for food with that same balance of heat and flavor that he achieved by experimenting with different spices and peppers."

#HBCUteenth 2024 was coordinated by Laurelle Davis, M.A., MFT, National Coordinator (Florida Memorial University), and will be moderated by Erienne R. Lewis, J.D., National Councilor (Dillard University).

Join us in celebrating the achievements and continued efforts of HBCU Graduates in making a significant impact on our society.


Connect with Rdevia:

-- Rdevia is a Public Charitable 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization founded on March 5, 2015 by Marquise M. McGriff, M.A., CCSP, to provide opportunities and resources to HBCU Prospects, Students, Graduates, and Professionals. Learn more at ###

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