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Did you know that nearly half of HBCU students struggle with food? Yes, 46% of HBCU students do not have enough food to eat! How can they focus on learning when they are hungry?

HBCU Students need our help to have access to food!

We are proud to collaborate with recognized entities like Amazon Smile Foundation, Target, and Winn-Dixie (Southeastern Grocers), who give items and funding to sponsor our Care Packages. We are even more proud to announce that we amplify these efforts through an ongoing partnership with JCS Project.

HBCU FRIENDS: Give $25 or more now to help us fill, pack, and ship a Care Package to an HBCU Student in need.

HBCU STUDENTS: If you need a Care Package, please send an email to

Edward Waters University

Florida's Oldest HBCU

Jacksonville, FL

January 11, 2021

Click below to see the Care Packages we gave at EWU during their Spring Orientation.

Cheyney University

America's Oldest HBCU

Cheyney, PA 

March 17, 2021

Click below to see the Care Packages we gave at CU following our Campus Tour with Student Leaders.

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