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Sunset in the Forest

We've learned a lot from doing a lot.

Our organization was founded in 2015 as Club 1964, Inc. From 2015 - 2020, we tried a few different initiatives to help us learn more about the work that is really needed to save our HBCUs and the people who need them. We're especially grateful to everyone who joined us on the journey. We're confident that the lessons we learned and the friends we made along the way have helped us lay a strong enough foundation to advance our impact as Rdevia. 

Read on to learn about some of our past initiatives.

HBCU Symposium

For three years in a row, this convening gathered movers and shakers from across the country at the beautiful campus of Florida Memorial University to examine some of the issues affecting HBCUs and BIPOC communities and how we as students, alumni, faculty, and staff could solve them.

Cause of the Year

For three years in a row, our members rallied together to tackle issues that impact BIPOC communities at disparaging rates. We are proud of the what we were able to do for the people who needed it most.


Juneteenth is one of the most, if not the most, significant day for African-Americans. Considering the significance that HBCUs have played in Black history, emancipation, and the ongoing fight against oppression, we feel that our schools should be at the center of celebrating this commemorable date. #HBCUteenth did just that by recognizing HBCU alumni who are fighting for freedom in their respective fields of work. We look forward to continuing this initiative in the future. 

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